Black Isle Brewery down low.

I’m loving the explosion of ‘craft’ beers that are available in bars and shops, and one of my favourite brands is definitely Black Isle Brewery. I won’t get sucked into talking too much about what makes a craft beer a craft beer (Check out what BrewDog had to say on that subject here), but I will bore you with what I like about the brand and the product.

Black Isle Yellowhammer

The Product

The first Black Isle beer I tried was the Blonde which I loved, and since then I’ve not been shy of trying out others in the range. I won’t claim to be any kind of beer expert but I know what I like and I really like the beers that Black Isle Brewery make!

I was never really a big fan of beers and lagers previously (as a west country boy I was always much more partial to a cider!) but with the explosion in choice of beers and lagers, outside the likes of Carling and Foster’s now available, there really must be something for everyone. If you can’t find one you like, you just haven’t tried the right one yet! The Black Isle Brewery Yellowhammer and Blonde are very citrusy, crisp and refreshing. Just what you need when a soft drink simply won’t do!

I really like their packaging that uses a similar design across the range, but with a simple use of different colours to differentiate their different types of beer. It’s very distinctive on-shelf and I think it gives a strong identity across the range.

What Black Isle are up to

Black Isle Brewery are the only organic brewery in Scotland and the whole organic thing is very prominent on their packaging and website. Playing the organic card can be a risk if it’s just a positioning ploy, but I get the feeling that with Black Isle, it’s genuine. A good example of this is their ‘Highland gardens for bees’ initiative where they are putting their money where their mouth is in fighting the good fight.

Black Isle Brewery are working hard to save the planet, but by the looks of things they are also trying to have a good time whilst doing it. Jocktoberfest (weirdly not in October?) is their weekend of beer, bands and bratwurst and looks awesome. Now in its third year, it looks like just the right mix of teuchters, wannabe hipsters and beer drinkers to make for a cracking weekend.

On Facebook and Twitter they seem to keep a pretty steady flow of Tweets and Posts including competitions, promotions and engagement with their fans and followers.

Black Isle Brewery sum up

I like the beer, I like the packaging, they do some nice events work and they are genuine about being a force for good. Whats not to love? I’ll be interested to watch how this brand does over the next few years as it’s a very competitive market place and it will be fascinating to see who thrives and who falls by the way-side. The sales and distribution side of things aren’t quite so easy to comment on from the comfort of my sofa, but these factors will undoubtedly have a huge impact on any future success or failure.


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