Kia: Cars which speak for themselves, Customers who speak for us.

As anyone who has bought anything on the internet recently will know, online reviews are incredibly influential in buying decisions. My biggest purchase at Christmas was made purely on the basis of research into reviews and opinions online.

This month Kia have launched a new ad campaign which promotes the brand’s use of customer feedback through review service ReeVoo, using the strapline ‘Cars which speak for themselves, Customers who speak for us’.

On the Kia website, you can see what current owners have to say about their cars, major positives and negatives, as well as scoring the cars across different features.


Using Reevoo, Kia can also show how they are dealing with customer service issues.


Potential customers can ask existing Kia owners questions.
Kia claims that using Reevoo like this makes them the first automotive brand to make itself openly accountable to customers in such a way. The car market is a difficult place to differentiate yourself, so I think that Kia have made a smart move in becoming involved in the discussions about their brand and products. On their website, Reevoo talk about social commerce as ‘any user-generated content that influences the buying process’ and they believe that these discussions give the opportunity for brands and businesses to engage on an individual basis with existing and potential consumers, listen to feedback and influence purchase decisions. I think it’s great to see a big brand really giving this a go, as too often brands give the latest fashion/thing/craze a token effort. For Kia to make social commerce (as Reevoo call it) such a central part of their marketing and advertising across channels is quite exciting. Whether this converts in to more sales for Kia, only time will tell!
Ps Check out some of Kia’s previous adverts. My favourite is the one with the time travelling, break dancing hamsters.

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