OMG – Burberry are like so amazing in Social Media!

ButtonsSo Burberry are an amazing brand in the social and digital arena blazing a trail where other brands should follow. Hmmm. I’m not so sure whether other brands should follow what they do as best practice.

If you check out some of the press they get, you could be forgiven for wondering how Burberry ever got by without social media in the first place, posting good growth last year whilst spending an impressive 60% of their marketing budget on digital. Their figures are impressive as well; 13 million+ likes on Facebook, 1.24 million followers on Twitter and over 16 million views of their videos on Youtube.

When you look at what they actually carry out on these channels though, they go against a lot of the advice on what best practice in social media is, especially in engaging in a two way conversation with your followers and offering value to your community and not just trying to sell your products. From what I can see, Burberry don’t engage in conversation with their followers and all they do on Facebook is post pictures of their latest products and ranges. According to a Marketing Week article they don’t link their social activities to sales either. None of these behaviours are going to help your average business or brand on-line and in social.

The main thing Burberry do have going for them is their content. Their community lap up the pictures and videos of their latest shows and products. If people want to learn anything from Burberry it should be that great content can drive engagement within your social community. Growing this community in the first place is another challenge altogether, and not every business is a world famous brand with a huge marketing budget to spend on activities.

Maybe look elsewhere for ideas on growing your community.


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