Instagram – is it all that?

OK so my profile pic was taken by a friend using hipstamatic and I thought it made a cool picture, but people were taking cool pictures before the likes of hipstamatic and Instagram came along right?

So just what is the appeal? Apparently Instagram has hit 25 million users and having recently announced an android version is on it’s way, that figure is set to sky rocket. Clearly it has mass appeal, but I don’t quite get it. Is it just a set of cool filters to apply to pictures?

Don’t get me wrong I am open to being convinced and just last week downloaded it to get some pics of the current enLIGHTen Edinburgh event going on but I dont see myself using it regularly.


1. People I am interested in finding out about, I follow on Twitter, and they tend to post any Instagram pics they take there, so why would I follow them on yet another app/social network?

2. You can take cool pics already without using yet another app

3. I can’t bring myself to give up more time to another app or social network. Facebook is for Friends, twitter for people and subjects I am interested in, LinkedIn for work……. so where does Instagram fit in?

Open to being convinced but just not sure!

I will enter one of my photo’s into the enLIGHTen Edinburgh Photo comp and see if winning  £100 can make me an Instagram believer!


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