My Favourite TV advert

When faced with the task of writing about my favourite advert, for me only one advert sprang to mind – the Yeo Valley, Yeo Valley Rap advert. This advert had such an effect on me (in the context of TV adverts) that at the time, it even resulted in me commenting about it on Facebook. The fact that I still remember doing this shows just how memorable the advert was for me.

There are a number of reasons why I like this advert but top of the list is the fact that it made me laugh out loud! The idea of farmers from the West Country rapping, in a slick looking music video, with an arguably credible soundtrack (I have definitely heard worse songs on the radio) was really funny and really appealed to me. I can remember at the time, watching it on the TV then going to have a look at it on YouTube to watch again and listen to the words of the song. The lyrics are at the same time ridiculous, funny and importantly for Yeo Valley, informative. The advert on YouTube was followed by a ‘making of’ video which showed behind the scenes footage and explained a bit more about the aims and objectives Yeo Valley had when making the advert. The aims were to raise awareness of the Yeo Valley brand, (including the correct way of pronouncing Yeo – Yo!) and what they stand for and I think they achieved this in a humorous and memorable way.

The first time this advert was played was during an X-factor advertising break and it became the number 1 trending topic on Twitter above discussions about X-factor, so it definitely created a reaction.

Due to popular demand the song was even released on iTunes.

For me, this is a great example of a successful advert because it generated lots of discussion, was funny and and in my case, prompted me to talk about it on Facebook and also go and search for it on YouTube. From a marketing perspective creating an advert that creates that level of discussion and interaction for a brand would be a big success. From a personal point of view it is my favourite advert because it made me laugh and was really memorable.

The fact that I lived in the West Country and grew up near to Yeo Valley has nothing to do with my choice of Favourite advert. Honest.


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